Wednesday, April 26, 2017

It's time to dust off your capes, boots & spandex for Atlanta's annual SUPER HERO PUB CRAWL on May 20th

Calling all Atlanta Superheroes (and villains)! Check out the official promotional video for this year's SUPER HERO PUB CRAWL (21+) in Atlanta — giving you an idea of all of the awesome-ness Markster Con has in store for attendees on May 20th, 2017 (make sure your sound is turned on!)

For more info. on this event, presented by Monday Night Brewing, please visit

Saturday, March 5, 2016

INFESTATION 5 in the books – photos now being posted

Costume Contest Winners, along with
Mark of Markster Con and Luke of Dragon Fire Events
(photo by Richard LaMarre)
A massive THANK YOU to all those who came out last night and helped event producer and co-host Dragon Fire Events celebrate the halfway point to the Dragon. So many smiling faces, both new and old! We will be posting photo links here so check back often, over the next several days as we update.

• Lee Workman photos *to come*
• Danny Hunter photos *to come*
• Jeff James photos HERE *new*
• Squished Biscuit photos *to come*
• Richard LaMarre photos HERE *in progress*

Future Markster Con events (see current schedule at

Thursday, March 3, 2016

DJ Ghost and DJ Seraph set for INFESTATION 5

If you've ever been to a Markster Con party, you probably witnessed one of these in-tune DJs help pack the dance floor. With that being said, we are extremely excited to have them in charge of the sounds for the 5th annual INFESTATION.

Both DJ Ghost and DJ Seraph have worked along event producer numerous times and also beside one another, including the inaugural, sold out Wizard's Ball in 2014. You can read more about them both by visiting the Entertainment page HERE.

So when you are thinking about what costume or outfit you want to wear this Friday night (March 4th) to The Masquerade, make sure to lace up your favorite dancing shoes or boots and be prepared to properly celebrate the halfway point to the Dragon!

Lasers and lighting provided by event co-host Dragon Fire Events.

Advanced tickets are $10 online until noon this Friday. Then they will be available at The Masquerade Box Office starting at 9pm (for $10) and then $13 (after 11pm). NOTE: This is an 18+, non-smoking event.

3D scanning and printing added to INFESTATION 5 is excited to announce that attendees to the March 4th INFESTATION 5 will get the opportunity to experience 3D scanning & printing, in all of it's nerdy epicness. So many of us grew up playing with our Star Wars and action figures, now you'll have a chance to add your own custom figure to that collection!

Personify 3D by Barker Technology, based out of Warner Robins, GA will be set-up at INFESTATION 5, scanning costumers (and anyone else) for free so you can see first-hand how it all works. NOTE: 3D printing does has a cost associated with it. It doesn't take any special talent to be scanned, just the ability to stand still for a few minutes while being rotated 180ยบ via an electronic platform.

Become a fan of Personify 3D at and make sure to break out your best costume (or outfit) for your scanning on March 4th as we get halfway to the Dragon and Labor Day weekend.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

INFESTATION 5 set for March 4th, 2016

Get your party and costuming calendars out – has a date and venue confirmation! March 4th will see the 5th return of Atlanta's INFESTATION: HALFWAY TO THE DRAGON party (yes, Labor Day weekend is almost 6 months away). By now the mid-Winter CON BLUES should be setting in – so start thinking which costume you want to break out on March 4th as well as which shoes are the best for dancing. We'll be announcing names of talent, photographers, vendors, contests and more as we get closer.

Join the Facebook Event page by clicking HERE and please invite all of your friends to join you!

Here's a video by Jay Prescott of the 2015 event:

Saturday, March 14, 2015


A huge THANK YOU to all of you wonderful freaks & geeks for coming out to support INFESTATION IV last night and helping us pack Club Famous. You helped satisfy our mid-year thirst for the Dragon that won't land again until Labor Day weekend.  Photos are starting to come in so we'll update this post several times over the next few days with new links:

Richard LaMarre: photos HERE
Bernard Ayala: photos HERE
Jeff James: photos HERE
Girls Of The Con: photos HERE
Crochet Cosplay: photos HERE

Hashtags to use: #markstercon #halfwaytodragoncon #infestationatlanta #dragonfireevents

A special THANK YOU to our friends from GIRLS OF THE CON for presenting the Midnight Costume Contest - please go check them out at

Please take a moment to go "Like" event producer ( and event co-host Dragon Fire Events ( as we truly appreciate the continued support. We love sharing in such a wonderful energy with all of our freaky friends and fans and look forward to the next opportunity.

Monday, March 3, 2014

INFESTATION 3 photo evidence - a great success!

We can't thank enough all of you crazy people that came out and helped make INFESTATION 3 such a great success. That goes for all of the attendees, performers, entertainers, photographers, sponsors and those that came early to help with set-up. Without you all, the event would be just an empty venue space…it's the great energy, time and creativity you all bring to an event like INFESTATION each year that truly make it an epic time for all.

Go-Go Dancer Angie Starr
(Photo by Atlanta Event Photos)
Photos are now starting to be posted. We are sharing those below and will continue to update as we get them. For those of you who use hashtags, please use: #infestationatlanta #markstercon #halfwaytodragoncon

• Atlanta Event Photos (Trent Chau) - Photos HERE
• Richard LaMarre - Photos HERE
• Patrick Sun - Photos HERE
• David Leo - Photos HERE
• David Tatum - Photos HERE
• Michael "HOOPIX" Lombardi - Photos HERE
• Channing Minion - Photos HERE
• Lee "PhotoNinja" Workman - Photos HERE
• Jay Prescott - Video HERE (new 3/4/14)
• Keith Bailey - Photos HERE  (new 3/5/14)
• Heather Hausenfleck - Photos HERE (new 3/5/14)
• Danny Hunter - Photos HERE (new 3/10/14)
• Sam W. Honda - Photos HERE and HERE (new 3/10/14)
• Frame Shot - Photos TO COME

INFESTATION 3: Halfway to DragonCon from Markster Con on Vimeo.