Saturday, December 13, 2014

Atlanta's annual INFESTATION re-awakening in just under 3 months in 2015 for a 4th year

With the holidays upon us, many of you might ask Santa for the return of Con season. Well don't despair because, even though you might get your X-mas wish a little later than December, Atlanta's annual INFESTATION returns for a 4th year in March 2015! is still finalizing details but watch for some big updates right after the New Year. Until then, please feel free to join the Facebook Event Page at

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Monday, March 3, 2014

INFESTATION 3 photo evidence - a great success!

We can't thank enough all of you crazy people that came out and helped make INFESTATION 3 such a great success. That goes for all of the attendees, performers, entertainers, photographers, sponsors and those that came early to help with set-up. Without you all, the event would be just an empty venue space…it's the great energy, time and creativity you all bring to an event like INFESTATION each year that truly make it an epic time for all.

Go-Go Dancer Angie Starr
(Photo by Atlanta Event Photos)
Photos are now starting to be posted. We are sharing those below and will continue to update as we get them. For those of you who use hashtags, please use: #infestationatlanta #markstercon #halfwaytodragoncon

• Atlanta Event Photos (Trent Chau) - Photos HERE
• Richard LaMarre - Photos HERE
• Patrick Sun - Photos HERE
• David Leo - Photos HERE
• David Tatum - Photos HERE
• Michael "HOOPIX" Lombardi - Photos HERE
• Channing Minion - Photos HERE
• Lee "PhotoNinja" Workman - Photos HERE
• Jay Prescott - Video HERE (new 3/4/14)
• Keith Bailey - Photos HERE  (new 3/5/14)
• Heather Hausenfleck - Photos HERE (new 3/5/14)
• Danny Hunter - Photos HERE (new 3/10/14)
• Sam W. Honda - Photos HERE and HERE (new 3/10/14)
• Frame Shot - Photos TO COME

INFESTATION 3: Halfway to DragonCon from Markster Con on Vimeo.

Monday, March 25, 2013

INFESTATION 2 an epic win, photo evidence posted!

INFESTATION 2: Photo By Tobias Roybal about an amazing INFESTATION 2! Thanks SO MUCH to all of those who helped the event come together.....the DJs, go-go dancers, make-up artists, photographers, volunteers and sponsors...and of course all of the ATTENDEES!! We couldn't have asked for a better event and the costumes and energy was totally off the chart. We look forward to the INFESTATION returning on March 1st, 2014!

If you repost or tag the INFESTATION photos below, please try to keep the watermark on the photo and credit and the photographer. Photos are free of charge to use for your Facebook or website, just DO NOT sell them please. Tag away!

If you upload photos to INSTAGRAM please hashtag them with #infestationatlanta #halfwaytodragoncon #markstercon so people can easily find them.

INFESTATION 2: Photo by Trent Chau
Trent Chau FB Photos HERE.
• Trent Chau Online Photos HERE
• Tobias Roybal FB Photos HERE.
• Tobias Roybal Online Photos HERE.

• Pop Tab Photos Photos HERE.

• David Avant Photos HERE.
• Danny Hunter Photos (Set 1) HERE
• Danny Hunter Photos (Set 2) HERE
• Samw Honda Photos HERE.
• Franklin Myrick Photos HERE.
• Frank Sepulveda Photos HERE.
• Michael 'HOOPIX' Lombardi Photos HERE.
• Joe 'PhotoGnome' Hunt Photos *coming*
• Patrick Sun Photos HERE.
• Michael Stippich Photos *coming*
Matthew Weizen Photos HERE. (updated 8/23/13)

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