Thursday, March 3, 2016

3D scanning and printing added to INFESTATION 5 is excited to announce that attendees to the March 4th INFESTATION 5 will get the opportunity to experience 3D scanning & printing, in all of it's nerdy epicness. So many of us grew up playing with our Star Wars and action figures, now you'll have a chance to add your own custom figure to that collection!

Personify 3D by Barker Technology, based out of Warner Robins, GA will be set-up at INFESTATION 5, scanning costumers (and anyone else) for free so you can see first-hand how it all works. NOTE: 3D printing does has a cost associated with it. It doesn't take any special talent to be scanned, just the ability to stand still for a few minutes while being rotated 180º via an electronic platform.

Become a fan of Personify 3D at and make sure to break out your best costume (or outfit) for your scanning on March 4th as we get halfway to the Dragon and Labor Day weekend.