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We can't thank enough all of you crazy people that have attended and helped support such a great event like INFESTATION. That goes for all of the attendees, performers, entertainers, photographers, sponsors and those that came early to help with set-up. Without you all, the event would be just an empty venue space…it's the great energy, time and creativity you all bring to an event like INFESTATION each year that truly make it an epic time for all. Hashtags to use: #markstercon #halfwaytodragoncon #infestationatlanta #dragonfireevents

2015 Photos:
Richard LaMarre: photos HERE
• Danny Hunter: photos *coming*
• PhotoGnome: photos *coming*
Bernard Ayala: photos HERE
Jeff James: photos HERE
Girls Of The Con: photos HERE
Crochet Cosplay: photos HERE

Go-Go Dancer Angie Starr
(Photo by Atlanta Event Photos)
2014 Photos
• Atlanta Event Photos (Trent Chau) - Photos HERE
• Richard LaMarre - Photos HERE
• Patrick Sun - Photos HERE
• David Leo - Photos HERE
• David Tatum - Photos HERE
• Michael "HOOPIX" Lombardi - Photos HERE
• Channing Minion - Photos HERE
• Lee "PhotoNinja" Workman - Photos HERE
• Jay Prescott - Video HERE
• Keith Bailey - Photos HERE
• Heather Hausenfleck - Photos HERE
• Danny Hunter - Photos HERE
• Sam W. Honda - Photos HERE and HERE
• Frame Shot - Photos TO COME

INFESTATION 2: Photo by Trent Chau
2013 Photos:
Trent Chau FB Photos HERE.
• Trent Chau Online Photos HERE
• Tobias Roybal FB Photos HERE.
• Tobias Roybal Online Photos HERE.

• Pop Tab Photos Photos HERE.

• David Avant Photos HERE.
• Danny Hunter Photos (Set 1) HERE
• Danny Hunter Photos (Set 2) HERE
• Samw Honda Photos HERE.
• Franklin Myrick Photos HERE.
• Frank Sepulveda Photos HERE.
• Michael 'HOOPIX' Lombardi Photos HERE.
• Joe 'PhotoGnome' Hunt Photos *coming*
• Patrick Sun Photos HERE.
• Michael Stippich Photos *coming*
Matthew Weizen Photos HERE.

2012 Photos:
• "Girls of th Con" (Set 2) photos HERE.
• Mark Shafer (Set 1) photos HERE.
• Mark Shafer (Set 2) photos HERE.
• BOSS Photography photos HERE.
• photos HERE.
• Barfly Magazine photos HERE.
• Pat Sun photos (Part 1, flickr) HERE.
• Pat Sun photos (Part 2, flickr) HERE.
• Pat Sun photos (Part 3, flickr) HERE.
• Federico Mastrianni photos HERE.
• Flossy Mae Photography photos HERE.
• Danny Hunter photos HERE.
• "Girls of the Con" (Set 1) photos HERE.
• "Dead, Buried, and Back" photos HERE.

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