(Featured Photographer) Lee Workman of Workman Reflections, specializes in taking memorable photographs of families, pets, individuals and group portraits (including photo touch-ups). Lee is highly skilled at capturing the true personality of the subject in every portrait, and will also take photographs of sports teams, company teams, and other large groups in both indoor and outdoor environments. Visit the Workman Reflections Facebook Fan page at and view his online portfolio at

Make sure to get your INFESTATION IV event photo taken by Lee – he'll be set-up near the stage inside Club Famous.

JAY PRESCOTT (Roaming Videographer)
Photographer and videographer Jay Prescott started doing video at a haunted house called "Chambers of Terror" where he worked for 9 years, acting and doing video. He then moved on to capturing Netherworld's videos in 2009 and has been with the infamous Atlanta haunted house since, creating all their music videos and TV spots (from 2009 to 2012). Jay has also shot Dragoncon videos since 2010. In his free time, he spend working on videos and/or photos and most recently covered "Days of the Dead" in Atlanta. To see Jay in action, please visit and

DANNY HUNTER (Roaming Photographer)
Danny Hunter got started in digital photography in 2008 when his step father gave him a digital camera for his birthday. The next month he went to his first Dragon Con where he fell in love with shooting cosplay. He has returned each year to Dragon Con and gained more experience in photography and is now a lead photographer for The Superhero Costuming Forum. Danny has also shot numerous other costuming events around Atlanta. Danny also was one of the roaming photographers at the annual Markster Con produced "INFESTATION: Halfway to D*Con".

DAVID LEO (Roaming Photographer)
His photography journey started as a landscape and travel photographer but not until this past year did he broaden his skill to be a people/portrait photographer. After attending his first DragonCon in 2013, he fell in love with capturing the beautiful costumes and cosplayers and knew that was a direction he wanted to focus on with a passion. Visit David online at

RICHARD A. LaMARRE (Roaming Photographer)
Richard started as a film photographer shooting mostly Black and White in the documentary genre studying the human condition. In his film days, Richard was photographing the counterculture before it became mainstream. Absent from the Atlanta photography scene for 15 years, Richard emerged in 2010 when he was introduced to digital photography. With this he reinvented his documentary style and returned to the place he began in the 1980's — the Atlanta Music Scene. Within the past 3 years Richard has somehow ended up working once again in  subcultures but this time it's in Atlanta's Nightclubs, Fetish, Cosplay and Music scenes where he loves photographing people in their environments. He belongs to no one genre and will photograph anything that he finds interesting. Like an explorer Richard is always looking for another adventure.